When trying to slice w/ cura (and only cura) w/ PI repetier server v.0.86.2 get error

I googled and found little pertaining to this for Repetier.  The two slicr options slice fine but when I slice w/ cura (My preferred option) I'm getting this: system.indexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.  at CuraEngine.CuraEngineInstance.Slice(String[] files, String output)

I was running the server on my windows workstation prior to that and all was fine.  When I went to the pi this is what I got. Anyone have any pearls of wisdom on this?  

Thanks much guys,



  • This error is not server related. It happens when you start slicing and host should call curaengine. So question is more what you change din curaengine settings to get this error.

    First you could delete old curaengine settings. Go to workdirectory (in host files you find a function to open expolerer there) and rename CuraEngine folder and restart host. Now it has no settings and generates new default. Since you only renamed folder you can get settings back any time. Try if it then works. If not describe what you do and if it happens with all stl files so we can reproduce and remove the reason for the error. In general I know it works so we need to find out what is different now.
  • It was a first run type deal.  I rebooted the server and all was well.  It could be because i just installed it.  My first day using this software and it's amazing.  I started w/ octoprint yesterday but I like this so much better.  I need to research what functionality pro provides, it may be in my near future.
  • There is a free 2 week trial for pro. And more only pro function will follow in future.
  • Have a link to a list of the benefits pro offers handy?
  • Sure,
    Note that not all pro features are already available but these are marked.
  • much obliged.  Again, great piece of kit you have here!!  I hope to do some mods to the GUI to suit my needs a bit but out of the box this is near perfect.
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