Prusa MK2

I am new to this website as you can see.
I downloaded the software but can not establish a connection to my printer.

Thank you for the help.



  • Never mind got it with the server.
  • Did not seem to be printing if tough the server shows that the printer is connected.
    I downloaded the printer settings from the firmware and all looks good.
    I also keep getting the red warning along the printer file saying that my printer settings are wrong and my bed size is incorrect.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • If you have repetier-firmware you can get settings from firmware in printer configuration and the red marks should disappear. Bed size and position must be set indivisually.

    Remember that server can only print gcodes, so you need to slice models first and then upload generated gcode to server for printing. Trying to print a stl file will not work.
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