eeprom not visible/ configurable on wanhao duplicator i3 plus

Cheers everyone! as the title say, I can't configure my eprom settings, using the Repetier Mac Version 1.0.2 (102) on my wanhao duplicator i3 plus.

I've connected the printer and configured to let the Mac see the printer, and it works, but when I perform the PID autotune, I can't put the Kp Ki and Kd inside the eeprom windows, as it give me a blank popup window.

someone know and fix this issue?

Thank you in advance.


  • Hi, everybody. I am having the same problem. The eeprom settings window is blank. Someone knows how to proceed? Thank you.
  • I tested it 2 days ago when I released 1.1.0 and it was working for me.
    What does M205 return and does opening eeprom window send it? You should see in log if commands is enabled.
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