Configuring for External Connection

Having issues connecting from an external network. I have tried adding a port forward in my router as the guide suggests. However it gives the example of "map port 2000 to". My router only lets me map to instead of I have tried entering my external ip of (example, not my actual ip) on my mobile device on a cellular network. No connection.

Please advise.


  • Also my camera doesn't show up. I followed the guide without any errors. I have a rasp pi 3 with an aftermarket pi camera.

  • In your router you set the port by selecting the service. If you use our image it is also running http on port 80 so selecting http as service should make it work.

    For webcam you shoudl omit < and > in the ip and bette ruse as ip.
  • Great I got the remote access working. I changed the webcam ip to but it still doesn't show up.
  • Now it's telling me I need the pro version, which I understand. However I already opted for the free trial. I just need to make sure this is going to work for me.
  • Free trial should also work like pro as long is it has internet connection to verify it is still active. Will then show up as pro.

    Do you see the webcam in printer settings->webcam?
    If you see it there and not in the normal surface, please select to only have jpg and not mjpg with refresh rate 1s. There is a bug in server that breaks mjpg if http headers have "wrong" capitalization. We have fixed that already for next release. Then mjpg with stream will work again.
  • Okay, everything seems to be working okay except after the first few layers the print completely shifted, and continued where it left off. I printed through uploading g code to the server. Can you tell me what could cause this?

    I have a creality cr10s with marlin 1.1.8.

     I accessed the server from my computer and phone before leaving for work, also trying the server on my mobile connection to make sure it was working. Maybe this somehow upset something? Things seem to bug out when jumping between my wifi and mobile connection. I don't see how accessing the server should upset a print. My pi has a 2.5a power supply so it shouldn't be an issue with power.
  • Does printer reset on connect or not?

    A well known problem of Raspberry PIs is that they like to disconnect usb if voltage drops down below some level and require good 3A power units to be on safe side. But in that case server would reconnect and stop print completely and not just add a shift. Also I'm not 100% sure if it does not reset printer as then the "start" is missing in log and server might not notice. 

    So lets assume server worked well (you can also enable logging to see if anything special happened on shift time). Then it is a firmware/hardware issue. A typical reason beside blocked motors from high speed/acceleration or hitting some hard pla so it looses steps is crosstalk to endstops causing a skew away from the endstop. I think you can disable endstop testing in marlin during print to remove that possible cause. But best is to observe when it happens to get an idea what is going on along with log analysis of that exact time.

    Web connections and print run in different threads so they should not interfere even if web communication takes a while to reconnect for example. And even if server would stop sending commands for a while it would now skew print as firmware will just halt until next commands get send.
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