Change Filament at Height

HI there. I have a Creality CR-10S with Marlin 1.1.7 from Printed Solid and have been using Repetier-Server successfully for a while.
Yesterday I was trying to change filament mid print (to change color) but I got into a bug which I am not sure where it lies. 
Using Cura 3.1 I setup a Post-Processing Script in the G-Code to Change filament at Height and when the printer reaches the layer number I set, it retracts the filament fine, then I change the filament, and then it extrudes nicely, but when it goes back to the print to resume, it goes into a infinite loop wanting me to change the filament again. 
Repetier-Server does not see the printer paused on anything and there are no messages on the screen So I am wondering if the problem is repetier itself? 
Anyone has any insight? 


  • What gcode did you add and what is the log part when it happens?

    The server solution for this is just to add a
    ;@pause Filamentchange
    where you need it. It will then run the pause script and afterwards the unpause script.
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