Server temperature setting for E0 or E1 affects both extuders simultaneously

Selecting an extruder temperature for one extruder under manual control causes both extruder temperatures to be set equal to each other. This is causing overheating and clogging problems when I want to print with different materials. Using Repetier-Server 0.86.2 on Raspberry Pi 3 model B running Raspbian Stretch.


  • After a bit more monitoring it actually looks like it's just the temperature display value that is mirrored after the second extruder is activated. When I monitor the temperature graphs the actual temperature appears correct, though the numerical value at the top is wrong.
  • Are you using smoothieware as firmware? There you need to tweak configuration so no extruder has the name T: in output. First must be T0: and second must be T1:
    Default is first T but T is the active extruder - so having more then one extruder causes display to assume wrong temperatures.
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