Weird GCODE Problems

I have a really weird bug. Some files sliced with Cura 15 cant be printed with repetier-server 51.0 and 51.1. After upload the line turns red. Couldn't find anything in the logs:

00000048_Z_Motor_Mount_bb.g printer BBOne
2015-02-22 12:03:25: Updating info for /var/lib/Repetier-Server/printer/BBOne/models/00000049_Z_Motor_Mount_bb.g printer BBOne
2015-02-22 12:03:25: Uploaded size:4318223
2015-02-22 12:04:37: Uploaded size:4318223
2015-02-22 12:04:38: Updating info for /var/lib/Repetier-Server/printer/BBOne/models/00000050_Z_Motor_Mount_bb.g printer BBOne
2015-02-22 12:07:04: Uploaded size:4318223
2015-02-22 12:07:04: Updating info for /var/lib/Repetier-Server/printer/BBOne/models/00000051_Z_Motor_Mount_bb.g printer BBOne 

Sometimes it helps to change the amount of infill, but not always. Files sliced with Cura 14.12.1 seem to work fine. I also downgraded Repetier-Server on my Mac to version 50.2 and it accepts the Cura 15 files.


Here are the files of both versions:

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