Looks goog but not right

My prints then self look pretty good but the bottom is not solid and the sides are not attached to the body. What am I doing wrong?


  • With picture it is easer to say, but sounds like you have underextrusion so the computed width is not reached. Have you calibrated your extruder and the extrusion factor for your filament type?
  • Here is what I am talking about. The sides are not attached.
  • You need to post the url of the image so we can see.
  • Did you calibrate extruder correctly? This looks like under extrusion. Also make sure in host/server you have flow multiplier on 100% and not on 25%. First layer looks also like it did not stick very well, I guess also because there was not enough filament extruded.
  • The sides are not connected to the inside fill. I can pull the sides apart from the fill. It's like it is 2 peace's instead of 1. 
  • Yes, underextrusion. If you would extrude more over same distance it would get broader and you get your connection.
  • But there is still a gap between the sides. It's hollow.
  • Have you increased extrusion/reduced steps per mm for your extruder to solve it or what have you done to fix underextrusion? Did it improve?
  • The outer part is the ooze shield you have enabled. This is not part of your object and it is important it does not hit th eobject. That is totally correct. You use it for dual extruder printers where the unused extruder may drop plastic and it shields the object form getting these drops. For singe extruder prints it should be disabled.
  • Could you please give me a good set of settings to use. I'm going nuts trying to figure them out. The ones I have been using are above. I turned off the ooze setting. Now the outside edges are rough.
  • No I can't. Default is what I would give you but it depends on so many factors. Speed, temperature and extrusion multiplier are the most important here. But they also depend on your material, so no one can tell you what is best in your case if he does not use same printer and material.
  • SHIT!! I'm not a drinking man but I'm about to start. Thanks anyway.
  • streetwye said:

    First layer extrusion Width is too low. I am using 150% and my prints come just great.
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