Retraction Settings when Using Cura

Is there a way to tweak the retraction settings when using Cura as the slicer?  I can only see the option with Slic3r.


  • Never mind, found it.
  • hi, you can set it on curasetting. Under extrusion. you can set speed and length. no problem on repetier.
  • Can I get a mini-lesson in retraction?
    When my extruder changes position (i.e. moves to a second shape or to the other side of the current shape) it drags a thread across the object.  This is usually not a problem since the thread is thin.  Occasionally, if the extruder follows the same movement path, the threads pile up and I get clearance issues, and in some cases, the shape knocked off the bed.  Also, when the print completes, the extruder creates a substantial "Dairy Queen Swirl". I'm assuming this situation could be remedied with more aggressive retraction... true?  I am printing pre-defined shapes from Thingverse.  I haven't graduated to writing my own code, or designing my own shapes.
  • While printing, there is some pressure in the nozzle. So if you stop printing the pressure will cause more filament come out. So retracting should remove the pressure at best fast, but not so fast that motor stalls or filaments starts slipping. This reduces most of the stringing. 

    Not sure what "Dairy Queen Swirl" should be. If you have a only a small part at the top you need to reduce print speed/ increase fan speed, or the filament can not get hard before starting next layer. Then it is like dragging through a mixer.

    And of course when finished make sure nozzle parks at the side!

  • Thanks,
    Any recommendations on the retraction settings?  The DQ swirl is the little loop of ice cream you see at the top of the cone.Image result for Dairy queen swirl
  • Retraction settings depend on filament, temperature, extruder type, speed and probably some more. So there is no general value working for all. Just test what fastest retraction is you can safely handle. Then check how much retraction gives improvements and when you see no more improvement. Direct extruder only require 1mm plus/minus while bowden need much more. Too much retraction can cause extruders to block if hot filament reaches parts not designed for this. So it is really a bit trial and error.

    Ok, swirl is then probably what I already explained with not enough cooling time to harden.
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