Connect repetier server to another repetier server

Would LOVE to start using  repetier to replace octopi. But I can NOT figure out how to connect repetier server on my raspberry pi's to the repetier server on my windows 10 Install. 
I have a windows 10 I7 64 GB of ram I want to use as the main repetier server. The only image for a raspberri pi is a repetier server, not the host. So I installed repetier server on the Pi and it is communicating with the marlin firmware on the printer. I can NOT figure out how to make my main repetier server install communicate with the Pi??? 
I have found many guides on host to server and I can accomplish this if the host is on a windows machine, but I would REALLY like to use my Pi's if possible. 
Thank You. 


  • You can not use the pc server to talk with pi server. You always communicate with th epi server or after next update you could also with internet version. The local cloud feature you can enable means in the pi server in "Connections" you add th eip and apikey of windows server. Then the pi would use the windows server to render images or videos (if ffmpeg is configured and installed), which is much faster.
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