mjpg streamer crashes after several hours - also with latest raspi image and 0.85 repetier server

i am frustrated that the linux mjpg streamer keeps crashing on my raspberry controlled reprap type 3d printer with current and earlier ubuntu version and repetier-server images. mjpgstreamer always works well for a few hours and then it stops working.

as my first workaround i added a cron-job to restart mjpgserver every hour, but then also this stops working after a day or two. must have something to do with leaking system resources or so.

because I use an old surface pro 2 as touch-device alongside my 3d printer, i have created a Windows 10 UWP MJPEGStreaming app. It works stable so far for days streaming my ELP1080p fisheye camera through the raspi based repetier server. The app is available here https://github.com/flyinggorilla/MJPEG-Streamer-Universal-Windows-App. I used for the app the ExendedExecutionUnrestricted mode so the app will run also when the Win 10 lock screen turns on or the app is minimized. This brings the key caveat that it wont be permitted in the MS appstore. So you will need to build it yourself and deploy in dev mode. (or i share my build on request)

Hope that might help someone. 

If someone else finds a solution to the crashing Linux mjpgstreamer on Raspi II then I would be happy too.



  • Normally mjpg_streame ron our image works very stable. Have it running as long as it is on and it never crashed. You should have a look at /var/lib/syslog. Streamer always logs into that and you might find a reason for stopping that explains the problem. Maybe it finishes because communication with webcam had a problem. In that case I would expect a log entry.
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