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I have just discovered the Repetier software suite and have a small printer farm of 4 Monoprice Mini v2's and two Afinina H800 with more printers on the way. I am wanting a solution for anyone to access the status of the printer's online whether they are in use (printing) or idle/off. I would also like to include the view of one webcam to view the entire room. 

The main question I have is whether the use of Repetier-Host and Repetier Server would be a good way of achieving an online query and webcam view of the printers. I have no interest in using cloud-slicing or remote printing. Thank you.

I have seen the live demo that Repetier has provided: and I can see that the printer status is able to be seen. Would it be possible to disable both the control and console tabs of the respective printers? Likewise, would the status update if the print started locally on the printer and then be updated properly on the Repetier Server?

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  • First you need to print over server so you can access status remotely at all. Currently this requires a route to your router, so from external internet it means you need to set port forwarding and dynip in your router so requests get through to your server instance. Easiest solution is to add users for server and have a read only user for that purpose.

    Alternatively you can make a webpage that polls the data from time to time using our server API.

    Starting with next release we also want to add a internet address where servers can connect to and then you can combine there all your printers and also friends printers status. Here you could also make a read only account and others will see your printers status then over that account. Only drawback is that it is to come and there will be no webcam without direct access from external sources as that would block our internet capacity too much. We plan to have an image update every 10 seconds or so in the case that is not possible.
  • "Print over Server", meaning I would be required to print via Server software for Repeteir to recognize that the printer is being used? My main use case is to start the print in person and the end goal being able to check the status remotely.

    Our current wifi setup does not allow access to the router and as such does not allow port forwarding, so I would be required to make a webpage that would have to utilize the server API. It sounds like the best solution for me is to make a read only account for others to view the printer status, and integrate external access of the webcam however even every 10 seconds is enough for my current use. 

    When is the new release (which month for a time frame), is to be released? Would there be a limit to the number of logins for the read only account, and/or a max number of simultaneous users? 

    With the setup that is being imaged, the computer running the server software will be connected via USB to the printers themselves and the only use of internet is the check the status + webcam. Likewise the host will likely be cell phones, or simple webpages like the demo already provided. 

    Thank you!
  • Plan is release in Q1 for a first version with limited web functionality and then add functions until it is on par with the internal frontend. This is mainly meant for pro users (free users will only see print progress online if we stick to our plan). Limit planned is 50 associated account at max, but no limit on users logged in. I think it will not be that much at any time so we plan no limit. 
  • If the print is started outside of the program, will it still show progress within the current software? 

    With the current account limit set to 50, will there be a way to view the print status without login?

  • No server only knows what it has done it self. But it does not matter which frontend you use in Repetier-Server to start a print - all others will be notified.

    Regarding public API for internet frontend, we have some plans to open sources on how to access it like when logged in. So you could use that for own specialized frontends, but the concurrent user limit will stay for this. Maybe we also add a simple poll api for status, but that does not exists currently. We are still developing the main API.
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