TCP IP mkssbase

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We are running repetier server on windows 8. We would like to 3D print over TCP IP using a crossover Ethernet cable connected between the pc and the mks sbase board V1.3 (smoothieware). Our machine is a heated chamber machine so all the eletronics are isolated including sensors. After going through the docs we understand that if we print via USB and a pi we would require the USB length as short as possible. This is what we can do but all the external motor drivers and motors are installed in the same section plus the ac wiring for the heaters which would cause noise. Please provide a solution in this case.


  • Adding TCP instead of USB for supporting firmwares is planned. But your printer requires a firmware then that accepts g-code through TCP for it to work. Otherwise you need the already known solution of a computer with usb nearby.
  • Smoothieware firmware supports communication over TCP/IP
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