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I'm looking for best practices to configure my Printrbot Play to work with Repetier.  I installed Repetier and set the code to Marlin, and enter the maximum values for X, Y, and Z.  I'm not comfortable with making any other changes.  With painters tape, the printer prints several layers of the object before it becomes loose.  The edges are warped.  With the Kapton tape, it just doesn't stick.  

I have a Printrbot Play for about a year but it is always a challenge to get a print.  I've used Cura in the past with mixed success.  I ended up the z offset with M212 but today I can't get any print to stick.  Although I have Kapton tape on a heated bed, I have to place painters tape on top and then use a glue stick.  I have visited simplify3d to get some tips but would like to learn from this group.


  • What are you printing with? Warping always sounds like ABS while PLA is much easier to print. PLA 50-55°C bed temp with kapton or painters tape will normally work, also other surfaces like BuildTAK work often much better.

    Also distance for first level is a big point. I print first layer normally 0.3mm with 150-200% width.
  • Wow!  Thanks for the quick reply.  I'm using PLA.  I have Kapton tape but my print will not stick.  I am about to do another test print with painters tape on top of Kapton tape.  I've tried heating the bed between 50-60C.  I will try your second recommendation for the first layer and post my results.  I would like to get to a point where I can have consistent results.  I just feel like fumbling in the dark.
  • So where do I modify the parameters for the first layer?  Is it at the host or server that I make the changes.  I just reviewed them but could not find the fields
  • you find the parameters in slicer settings
  • Thanks, I found them.  So I laid down painters tape above the Kapton tape and verified that the first layer was 0.3 mm with 150% width.  The test job printed and stuck to the bed but the corners pealed up.  Any suggestions on reducing the warp?
  • Edges are always the first places to warp and because of the direction change also tend to bond not as good. This also depends a bit on temperature of PLA and which PLA you have. Different vendors have different quality also regarding warping. You could try hairspray on painters tape, maybe it helps. Others use it directly on kapton, but not sure which brand works here best. Painters tape is not really best solution for bonding but works somehow. BuildTAK sticks like hell with PLA if you get too close you really get trouble getting it off, but it is not cheap. That is what I normally use since I discovered it.
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