First layer problem with two printers


I have one delta and one CoreXY printer. Both are Printing well except the first layer!

On both printers i get a gap between the strings. I have now 300% extra width on first layer, thickness of 0.15 mm, normal layer is 0,20 mm. I donot use support adhesion. Bed is in perfect level. Is is only the first layer, all the rest of the layers is printed perfect. I have good adhesion to the bed.

What setting do I miss?


  • For wide extrusions you need more pressure, especially with low layer heights. So my first guess is that you have not enough power for 300% width. Try 150% and see if it gets better. 

    Also first layer may have a bigger real distance then 0,15 which also reduces extrusion width. So if you can extrude selected width it will only get that wide if distance is exactly 0.15mm.
  • Thank you

    I try to increase the distance. I have a Bondtech extruder with high Power.

  • As said depending on the reason power is not the problem, but it can. Also depends on temperature. But mainly just do not extrude too wide and make sure distance is not closer then you think. You can measure it by just pritning 1 layer and measure thickness of it. If it is > 0.15 you know it was just wrong distance.
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