Missing several layers


My name is Troy. I am new to the 3d printing world. I just got a flsun diy prusa i3 and whenever I print, I am missing several layers at the start and I don't know how to fix it in Repetier. Can anyone help?


  • What means missing here? Is the sliced object missing them or the printer just not printing the first x layers?
  • I think the printer is too low to the bed and so the filament is not coming out the nozzle on the first 2 layers
  • Ok, that can happen. It will block extruder. But that is a hardware problem. You need to level the printbed or z min endstop so that extruder just touches bed when homed to z over all xy positions. Only then you should start printing.
  • Okay thanks. I have another question. How do you invert the y axis on repetier host? My bed is not hitting the y limit switch
  • You can not change y direction in any software. Host has an invert y axis in settings, but that only inverts the direction of y arrows not the real direction. This is set in the printer firmware and needs recompilation of firmware to change or you simply turn the motor connector on the printer motherboard 180° which also changes direction.

    Does homing y direction move away from y switch? Then if you got a preconfigured firmware the motor is most probably just connected the wrong way around.
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