Recently migrated from Repetier-host to server, running version .51.1 on rasberry pi for the most part things are working great,  ran a file today with an @pause to change filament mid print, pause occured, print  head moved to park position and programmed in pause event.  Changed my filament out and started to resume, web page buttons showed "pause" and stop. Assumed the pause button would resume the print, click, and proceeded to recieve approx 240 push notifications that print was paused.  Needless to say the server crashed and print never resumed.  Is this a bug currently?  


  • Yes, I got also problems, there sems to be a bug, thanks for reporting. Will be fixed in next release, we are planing for next month.
  • Sounds good, thanks for responding.  Any known work around for a planned filament change via gcode?  
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