Repetier Server Raspberry Pi 1 B support - No WiFi Networks

Hello everyone,
So I loaded up the repetier server image for Raspberry Pi on the RPi 1 B however, I am not seeing any WiFi access point on the configuration page. I am using a TP-Link TL-WN722N stick for connectivity. Has anyone had a similiar problem and / or knows a solution?


  • You see that page only with our pi image and if the wifi driver is supported by linux out of the box. Check with ifconfig if a wireless lan appears. It could also be that it has a different name then wlan0.
  • I can access the page fine and the adapter is called wlan0. I don't remember if the WiFi driver has native support for Linux, but it should have when I am able to connect to the Access Point, shouldn't it?
  • If you see the access point what is the problem then? With our image it should then also appear in global settings->wlan->connection settings and you can change it or add wifi password to connect to wifi then.
  • The Problem is that I cannot see any other access point on the WLAN page. I want to connect the server to my wifi but I don't get any access points listed there to connect to, even refreshing the list doesn't help. I live in quite a big living complex so I should at least see a few wifi networks but I see none.

    I see now why I wasn't understood at first. I can connect fine to the AP that the RPI is hosting, but I want to connect the RPI to my wifi network and I can't find my network (or to be more specific, no network) listed on the wifi configuration page of the browser interface.
  • Not all wifi sticks can be access point AND check for networks. Try connecting through ethernet and set AP to always disabled and see if then a list appears if linux wifi is not in AP mode.
  • Okay, the ethernet workaround did it. I was able to configure my WiFi and now I am the proud owner of a wifi-enabled 3d-printer. Thanks for the help.
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