mesh levelling

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hi all

have now sorted out repeteir server to run on purse mk2 with was pi and its great

just one issue  when i home all it homes and then dos mesh level  how do i stop this



  • We only send G28 command. If printer does a mesh leveling then, this is programmed into the firmware not server.
  • if i do custom code G28 W   from repeteir  on pi screen it just homes with no mesh level ?

  • if i home all it from mk2 screen it does not do mesh level 
  • Home all on server send G28 X0 Y0 Z0, would that trigger mesh level? And more important what command is supposed to do so on prusa firmware?
  • not sure just that their home all does not trigger mesh levelling ?? i got it to work by G28 W 
    does not even mention the W parameter. Even more G28 is homing and has nothing to do with mesh leveling. But firmware can of course say z homing requires this and do it anyway. Only explaination I see. YOu could activate console and see what got send.
  • ok will look  
  • I edited the marlin.xml file on the Pi yesterday and changed G28 to G28 W and it makes no difference.  So yes it must be coded in the Prusa firmware.

  • just got text from naval who is part of the purse firmware team and  their home  all is G28 W in their firmware
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    Understood, but we do not know what Gcode command is called within the Prusa firmware when a Home All is sent from Repetier.  Does Repetier instruct the Prusa firmware to initiate a g-code command or does Repetier send a g-code command directly?  Just because the menu option in the Prusa UI send G28 W and therefore does not cause a mesh bed level does not mean that has any bearing on the Repetier command.

  • @Repetier - is the Home All instruction contained within the marlin.xml file or is it referenced in another file within the build?  As stated above I have edited the marlin.xml file (added the [space]W) but makes no difference. 

  • Just checked. It is hardcoded since it is the same on all firmwares.
    G28 - Home all
    G28 X0 - x axis
    G28 Y0
    G28 Z0
    are the 4 variants used.
  • From this I would try manually sending G28 and sees if that also mesh levels. Would be strange decision to put such a thing on the default homing command many hosts will use.
  • OK.

    Select Home All from Move screen: All axes home and mesh level takes place
    Send G28 from Console screen: All axes home and mesh level takes place
    Send G28W (no space available)from Console screen: All axes home with NO mesh bed level
  • So, appears sending G28 initiates the homedelta.g file in the printer firmware (all firmware) which tells me that Prusa version of this file contains an instruction to carry out a mesh bed level if it DOES NOT receive the '[space]W' command as well.  So this tells me it is a Prusa issue that they have changed the homedelta.g file specifically for their printer.
  • Ok, good to hear that it is now clear what is causing this. Would have choosen the opposite solution to indicate leveling is wanted but opinions are different:-) 
  • Yeah, that would have made more sense.  Thanks.
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