Won't slice skirt, raft, or brim anymore

Hi all,
I am working with a Delta k200 (circular print surfaces) printer. I have done about a dozen successful prints but was having snag issues where the layer I figure was cooling too quickly or their wasn't enough gap. I adjusted the z-hop first and it didn't help with the print I was trying. Got the recommendation to increase layer height (decrease quality). I did that, but now whenever I slice with CuraEnginer on RH (my preferred) it doesn't do the skirt, brim, or raft no matter what settings I change (went back to .2 mm quality (original) from .3mm (recommended)). Additionally, any file I now try to print is significantly worse quality and usually just spaghettis. Any ideas or thoughts? I have uninstalled and reinstalled RH several times. Is there a way to reset or reinstall just CuraEngine? Thanks


  • In workdirectory is a folder CuraEngine where the profiles are stored. Reinstalling does not help as these files survive. Deleting these and restarting host gives you default profile.
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