Configure AMF file option missing

So I am trying to do dual extrusion prints but the option to "Combine multiple STL files..." is missing from Slic3r. What version of Slic3r has that option?
I can make get dual extrusion objects to work but I am constantly guessing at the offset in Slic3r since the print preview shows the objects not as on.


  • Place object is host and in the sidebar drag one object on the other to group them so offsets are identical for both and they move as one object. If you then slice host will write them as amf as required from slic3r.
  • Yes I did that. But in print preview they show the distance being apart. Should I change the offsets back to 0 in slicer before I do this?
  • What offsets do you mean? You should not set any extruder offsets in host or slicer. This is better done in the firmware configuration so you can calibrate that in firmware. These offsets just exists because some old firmwares did not have offsets.
  • Well when I change my offset in marlin firmware it cause my z axis to not stop when homing. All I changed was the x offset and it caused issues. So I figured if I used the slicer offet it would work.
  • Don't use Marlin for printing so can not say how their offset system works. In any case if you do it in slicer you need to se same offsets also in host printer settings->Extruders so that display is then correct.
  • Good cop out answer.
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