Alias Interface

Hopefully this isn't sacrilege. There are quite a few pieces of software that will directly talk to Octoprint (Slic3r, Symplify 3D, etc.). I haven't looked to see how hard it would be, but impersonating the Octoprint API might be useful so that, if enabled, anything that could talk to Octoprint could talk to Repetier server.

Honestly, I had tried Octo a few times and never cared much for it. I've always use Repeiter Host. I recently started using the server and broke down and flashed the firmware, as well. But it would be nice if it were integrated with more things.


  • Octoprint works completely different so we never can change the same API. It already starts with the server supporting multiple printers so you need to say which printer you mean.

    For simplify 3d we have in our docs a tutorial how to upload on save.
  • Well, I didn't mean change your API. However, it seems like most of the tools that send sliced files to the Octoprint API are only using a few requests/responses so I was thinking more of just allowing that to be turned on as an alias to the existing API. It would not be full-featured and you could select which printer you wanted to target, etc. It seems like it would open up a lot of options for things like, say, Slic3r or Cura to directly send files to RS.
  • Have put it on my ideas list what we could add if time allows it. Will then test if it is possible.
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