Printer not showing on server

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I executed a print yesterday and after the print was done I closed down all my browser windows. When I went back into the server it only showed a printer marked "Unknown" and no groups or anything else. A reboot of the server showed the same thing. Hooking into the Raspberry Pi shows the following:
pi@RepetierServer:/var/lib/Repetier-Server $ cd /var/lib/Repetier-Server/
pi@RepetierServer:/var/lib/Repetier-Server $ ls printer/
Anycubic_Prusa_I3  unknown
pi@RepetierServer:/var/lib/Repetier-Server $

Why doesn't my Anycubic_Prusa_I3 show on the server? Is it possible a file got corrupted and can be recovered?

Edit: Additional Information that may be of use: Yesterday before the print the Server Identified as Repetier-Server Pro 0.85.2 and now it identifies as Repetier-Server Free 0.85.2 according to Chrome History. 

Thanks for any insight you can provide.


  • Yes, that is a known bug and reason for 0.86.2 where the bug is fixed.

    Your printer configuration xml file has been truncated to 0 byte. Stop server and 
    a) replace the 0 sized file in /var/lib/Repetier-Server/configs with your copy.
    b) If you have no copy, delete  the file and after server start add a new config with exactly the same name. This is important so it gets the same slug name (part of the xml) so all your old gcodes, movies etc. show up again.

    then start server and update to 0.86.2 to prevent this from happening again.
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