Raspberry Server - Enclosure control/Using GPIO

Hi, I am using a raspberry pi 3 with a touchscreen as server and command pannel for my 3d printer (tevo tarantula)
It works very well, but i would like to make an enclosure to my printer,
Octoprint can handle enclosure command such as temperature/fan/filament sensor.

So I was wondering, can repetier do the same ? How can i add "buttons" on my touchscreen to interface with my raspberry's GPIOS to pilot "stuff" on my enclosure ?

English is not my mother's tongue, so if my message isn't very clear, or not posted in the right place, feel free to tell me !


  • Read in manual the advanced setup chapter. These commands call external scripts that toggle your gpio pins. These commands can be made to only appear in touchscreen. You see them in server commands in touchscreen (appears only if you have some configured).

    What you can not do that way is report back some responses. Therefore you would need to modify the server. Sources to touchscreen interface are available on our homepage and you can simply add more pages if you want.
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