i got a problem

I use the RADDS 1.5 Board with Repetier and want to configurate a Dual Y Axis.
Configurated it via Repetier Configuratior and set the Extruder 3, because Extruder 1 and Extruder 2 are already used.
Downloaded it, uploaded it on the RADDS tested and it doesn't work.
Normal Y Axis does move but the Stepper connected on Extruder 3 does not work :(

Does anyone know how to solve the Problem?
My Code:

#define Y2_DIR_PIN    ORIG_E3_DIR_PIN

I connected it on this Pins 

Best regards


  • That socket is E2 since we start with E0!
  • So if i define E2 i have to plug in in E3? 
    i tried that to but that doesnt work

    Do i have to configurate something more?
    or is it enough how i made it?
  • Yes, simply select extruder 2 in config tool and it should work. As counter test you could also set the extruder or x axis to E2 instead just to test that the socket works as expected. If not it could be a hardware failure, wrong mounted driver. Do not really think that the pins.h definition is wrong. That would be detected already by others I think.
    #define Y2_STEP_PIN   ORIG_E2_STEP_PIN
    #define Y2_DIR_PIN    ORIG_E2_DIR_PIN

    like that?
  • Yes, that is what it should look like.
  • The stepper does something i can feel it, but it does not have the same steps as the other stepper.
    do i have to configurate it somewhere i cant find it :(
  • Should have same microstepping set (dip switches in most cases). Also driver must have correct current set.
  • found the problem... Driver was broken
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