Where do I get my license key if I lost it?

Purchased the software less than a month ago. Finally got around to installing and configuring the servers. Appears I don't see my license key in ANY email address and store-it isn't getting back to me. I have my PayPal receipt and I know that I paid for the software. 

Any ideas from the Repetier folks?


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    There must be a mail from mycommerce your key is in that mail. If not, set up your best smile and wait for repetier to answer :)

  • Send a mail to info@repetier.com from your email used at share-it and also the date of purchase. We might find it in the daily sell reports then and send it back to that email address (so we know the right one gets it).
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    Email sent. Hopefully someone can solve this problem.  I searched all of my email address' and I didn't see anything from mycommerce, share-it, or anything. I have my payapl receipt so I know I paid for it :tired_face: 

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