Quits connecting to printer

I am running Repetier Server 0.86.2 on Windows 10 and every once in a while Repetier Server will get in a state where it is unable to connect to the printer.  Other programs like Proterface and Simplify3D connect to the printer just fine.  To fix the issue I have to stop and start Repetier Server then all is good again for a few days.

If I power on and off the printer or disconnect and reconnect the USB cable it will sometimes accelerate the unable to connect condition.  It happens with all six of my printers but seems to happen more often with smoothieware then with with Marlin that most of my printer run.

Today I came to find my 14 hour print half way completed and Repeiter Server was disconnected from the printer (Marlin 2.0.x).  Pronterface is able to communicate with the printer just fine.  The Repetier Server interface shows the printer as disabled and I was unable to successfully re-enable until I stopped and restarted the server.
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