Makergear Manual Controls

Hello, I've been a long time OctoPi user and recently decided to try Repetier-Server and am loving it so far. The multi-printer functionality it comes with is really nice and I'm going to purchase a Pro license. Anyhow, there is one small issue that happens when I try to move the printer with the manual controls. It starts moving but then doesn't stop! Thankfully each time I've tried using the controls I've been able to kill power to the printer before it the motors have run into the endstops. Extruding works fine but if I try to move X+ 0.1mm for example it will not stop moving.

I'm using a MakerGear M2 printer (rev E) running the firmware it came with. In Repetier I selected the Marlin firmware while I was configuring the printer. I'm running Repetier server 0.86.2 on a RPi. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • This typically happens if you have homed and you have not set the homing coordinates correctly in the server configuration. Then server e.g. assume x=0 while you have x max endstop and are at X=200. So moving 10 to right means for server X=10 which would then be 190 left for firmware.
  • You are correct.  That ended up being the issue.  Thanks for your help!!!

    Just in case anyone has this issue in the future, these are the settings that ended up working for me:
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