Filament insert command extrudes over buildplate - repetier server sends unwanted G1 Y0 codes

Hi, i do have the problem that the repetier-server does issue GCODE that moves the extruder over the build-plate when inserting filament. 

There is custom GCODE that i can add, and that is G28 X0 Y0 to home the extruder. the Extruder moves then to Y=-30 outside of the buildplate. However, by looking at the gcode log, it seems that the Repetier-Server sends additional G1 commands moving the extruder over the buildplate. That is unwanted behavior as it extrudes now the just inserted filament directly on the buildplate.
How to suppress the G1 codes?

12:50:04.830: N1610 G28 Y0 ; home Y axis  --- custom script in event settings

12:50:04.830: N1611 G28 X0 ; home X axis --- custom script in event settings

12:50:04.830: N1612 G1 E-120.00 F720 

12:50:04.834: N1613 G1 X0.00 Y0.00 F120  ; this is the unwanted GCODE issued by Repetier-Server

12:50:04.835: N1614 G1 Z0.00 F120

12:50:04.835: N1615 G1 E-70.00 F120

12:50:04.835: N1616 G1 E-40.00 F120



  • How did you send which of these commands? Did you hit any buttons or are these scripts? You said custom gcode but that only sends the commands contained and no more so I guess you hit some function afterwards causing the problem.

    Also please check if you defined your homing position correctly in server config. Should be -30 for y and not 0 which is the default if that is where homing y ends.
  • Hi thanks for your comment. Yes i hit the "Insert Filament" button. Just now I figured this happens too, when i simply click the "Extrude 2mm" button. This made me again look at the Printer Settings. And I figured that the Y-Home is not automatically read from the firmware. I adjusted this to -30mm and now it works fine. 

    Just as I wanted to post my finding, I just saw now that you recommended to check this already. So thank, you are confirming that this fixes it.

    Again thank you a ton. 
  • Ok I see now where it comes from. You triggered a bug that I have already fixed for next release. Bigger e moves > 50 from internal functions are split to 50mm moves to prevent long extrusion error from some firmwares triggering. When split it sends current position as well (which is not required here) so it used the wrong stored coordinates in your case.
  • Yes. Currently if you extruder > 50mm at once over server it will split and add a move to current position. So if current position is wrong due to wrong configured homing position it will move the extruder.
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