Increase USB Port on Raspberry Pi3B with 7-PORT USB HUB working with Repetier Server?


I would like to know if Raspberry Pi 3 model B

with 7 port USB hub for raspberry pi

will work with repetier server. 

We have more than eight 3d printers, all without wifi and we want to use repetier server on a raspberry PI or any other device in order to send the G Code to the printers.



  • You should use a active usb hub in any case to not put more load on the power of pi. That is normally a bit critical.

    I have heard users having 5 printers on a pi without problems. If oyu have no webcam for these I think it should still work. Sending gcodes is not that much load. Viewing progress with webcam puts additional traffic on tcp/usb which could lead to hitting the maximum possible traffic. So make sure you have good wifi quality as well or use the faster ethernet connection. Prints would still work since they are not dependent on webtraffic but if usb is saturated communication there might slow down.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the fast answer your are referring to something like this plugged with the Pi?


  • Yes, like that with power adapter. This is for usb 3 while pi only has usb 2, but I guess it will work also with usb 2.
  • Awesome Thanks
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