User Permissions and Labeling Tweeks

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I am testing this software, and one big feature that I would love to see is more comprehensive user integration. I am testing this software with ~20 users and 6 printers.

Features I would love to see.
  • Username and email of active print job
  • Per-printer permissions
  • Username of uploaded gcode
I want the username and email listed on all active print jobs because if a high priority job comes in or if a print goes bad I would like to know who and how to contact the person who is using the printer.

I want per-printer permissions, so I can restrict who can use what. We have some printers that are a bit more finicky than others and require a bit more training and we would like to restrict users from these specific printers until they obtain this training.

I would like the username of uploaded gcode, so I can order all gcode by a user (I can probably get by with the username as a group).

I overall am really impressed with this software and I will probably pick up a license within the month. Thanks again for your work and your effort, it really shows through this product!


  • The normal logins do not support per printer access. We are planning an extension with online users where these permissions will be per user. Maybe that will also then change for local users, can not say at the moment.

    Have to think about user having started/added a print into queue. But that also makes the overviews clumsy for most users not needing that information.

    Uploading user can be stored in same field and shown in info then, that would be no problem I think. But I have to see how we will do it.

    In any case a interesting thought.
  • Indeed, interesting thought. As my printer farm is growing and the idea of a fablab takes shape, the features above would be the foundation for some kind of booking platform. 
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