I need to access the dot-folders and files

I asked this earlier and was shown a way around the issue, but, that is no longer valid as it generates two sets of Parameter files.

I start Repetier.appimage and select "slic3r Prusa Edition" as the slicer and then make changes to one of the Slic3rPE configurations and save it as "PLA-205-0-25%" I can use it every time I run Repetier. All good.

But, if I run Slic3r-PE.appimage on it's own and make changes to the config-files, it saves them to it's own .slic3r (dot) folder off the User-Folder.

I now have two different version of the Slic3rPE configurations and I cannot point Repetier Slicer-Configuration at a 'dot' Folder or File.

Is there some way I can get the Slic3r Files all in the one Folder but still visible to BOTH Repetier and SlicerPE appimages?



  • Slic3r has an option to tell it where the data directory is. In host you can set it easily and it is send to slic3r. So th eeasy way would be to use the folder sli3r appimage uses or you always start slic3r with the configuration button in the host.
  • Thanks, but, before asking here, I had already looked for that in Slic3r-PE and drawn a blank. Where is it defined? I just searched through all the Slic3r .ini files and can't find anything for the Config-Folder locations either. Could it only be the original Slic3r and not the PE version that does that?
  • I guess both create a .slic3r in your home directory. We have forced them internally to use different folders since config options differ a bit and that might increase over time.
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