Printer preheats and homes to print, becomes unresponsive and collects Command Waiting's

So after a fresh install of win7 and RH 1.0.6, I got the printer ready to do some calibration prints. I combed through my sprinter firmware and changed config files to suit my machine (note: has printed on an older version of RH and previous install of 7). I setup my preferences, RH configs, and Slic3r configs. Manual controls responded well, and everything looked ready to go. Submitted a small (10mmx10mmx10mm cube) print for calibration purposes and hit start print. Bed heats up nicely, after it finishes, extruder heats up, the z-axis re-homes, stops about 5mm from the deck, and the printer becomes unresponsive. It says it's printing with an ETA, but the ETA doesn't move. It starts accumulating commands in the command waiting queue. I kill the print and try to turn the ext and bed off, but the manual controls are also unresponsive. No lights went out, bed and extruder were still pulsing to maintain temperature, but the motors stopped responding it seemingly lost connection to the printer. 

I've googled around a bit and searched, but the only solutions I've found were to confirm the baud rate (RH and Sprinter set at 115200) and change the USB cable. I've done both of those things to no avail. Might you guys have any idea what's causing the issue?


  • Test, if your printer reacts on commands like M115, otherwise the
    connection may be broken due to voltage drops or something else. 
  • It doesn't respond. 

  • It doesn't respond. I'm assuming you mean the voltage drops from the main PSU (not the USB). I have a 6ft usb extension connected to the printer, so I'll try removing that before rewiring the board. 

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