Joystick control...

How about adding a plugin so Users can connect a USB Joystick (or maybe a Nintendo/ Sony Playstation wireless game controller to the computer and be able to jog their machines around?  I imagine for most people runing Prusas or Makerbots that this isn't a big deal but my printer is 2400mm x 1200mm  x 1200mm - It's BIG!  Pushing the 50mm advance button 20 times is kinda inconvenient.

Seems like features like this should be a no brainer and something that many would want/use.  How about it Fellas?

Thanks for your consideration.


  • You can easily add new features with our event system. A direct joystick system can not be implemented as there is no move in direction signal. As a solution you could constantly add new tiny moves if move buffer if filled only x% and joystick angle could be mapped to a speed range. Not useful for exact positioning or you start with very small moves at first.

    This is a feature normally not needed since your prints contain all moves. I know sometimes you need manual control and for our repetier-server as ui we even have the solution for you. There we have sliders at the side that allow moving to target position in one move.

    But I do not think that we will develop this on our own. But we are always willing to integrate it as a pull request.
  • I use Repetier Host for my CNC Router (MPCNC) and would like to use the directional buttons on my joystick / Keyboard to jog.

    Even having assignable hot Key events that can detect game control events as assignable input would allow us to pick how we want the Controller to behave. With the understood caveat that it’s buffered events and will have lag.

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