Is it possible to make desktop shortcuts to upload files to Repetier-Server?

I am trying to set up a Repetier-Server for a small print farm I work with. They do all their slicing in a custom version of Cura and do not want to change to Repetier-Host for slicing. They have custom Python scripts that are set to run after slicing, and they said that Host cannot comply with these types of things.

They, ideally, want it that once you slice your files, you can hit the "save G-Code" button, and save it to a folder on the desktop, named for each printer (i.e. if you want to print to printer A, save it to folder A). Then, they could select the file from the Server interface, like normal, and print it.

Would something like this be possible? Any suggestions for ways to make this work? Any ideas for how to make this a bit easier? The current idea I am playing with is having people slice, save to the desktop, and then upload the GCode from the desktop to the server manually.


  • If you can mount the file system where the gcodes get stored, you can add the mapped folder to the servers folder list. Then you can select it directly from server using the dropdown instead of hitting the upload button.

    Same solution would also work if you have a dropbox configured to copy that folder and add that path as a source folder.
  • Ok, some of that makes sense haha. I'm not the best with software, time to learn a bit.

    Follow up, does Repetier-Server store the G-code and all in a normal file folder in Windows? Like, would it be possible to make a shortcut to that folder on the desktop and save it to that, instead of going through the Repetier-Server interface?
  • While it stores it in a folder, you should NEVER bypass the software. On upload it adds additional files and also changes the filenames by adding a id to it and registers. So it will never use your files by just copying them there.

    An alternative is having a small submit software. Since we have a public API it is possible to use that to upload files using your own software. For Simplify3D we even have published these calls and how to integrate it so that save would also upload the file to server. But that only works because simplify3D allows to run a script on the saved file after saving. See our docs section on for more details about that solution.
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