No graphic after slicing and while printing

Hi, just installed Repeteir-Host on an Atom powered, Lenovo, 64-bit laptop 4gb-memory and and all up to date. When I load the .stl I can rotate it, move it etc and all works as expected. After slicing with any of the three slicers I do not get a graphic. The sliders will move but nothing shows. When I send it to the printer it does not show the build in progress. What do I need to do to fix this?


  • DO you have 'filament' highlighted.  top left of RH 
  • Yes, but I found a checkbox in the Preferences to turn off something or other for the graphics. Checked that and got the display back, but man, I do not know what Graphics Library they are using for Repetier-Host, but it is abysmally slow. I see why they have the checkbox option. I am running FreeCAD quite comfortably on that laptop and no graphics problem.
  • Make sure you have OpenGL 1.5 or higher and select VBOs for rendering. That is the fastest sollotion you can have and it is generally fast. But a print has much more triangles then a simple freecad image.
  • Thanks, v3.6 all video drivers up to date You are not forgetting the Mesh Workbench in FreeCAD, are you? {grin} I'll live with it as it is though, do not have the time to spend on messig with it.
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