Offline install?

Hi, I tried to install Host on a windows-8.1, i5 a Surface Pro 2 that no longer has working wifi but find it needed to download files. I have to use USB drives to move stuff (sneaker-net) to and from it. Is there somewhere I can get the full-installation files without Internet?


  • There are only 2 things it downloads if options are selected:
    1) Skeinforge - no one really wants that.
    2) Server. You can skip that and if wanted to use it download the server installer from our homepage directly.

  • OK, thanks, Server was checked by default, but Skeinforge was not. Unchecked Server and it installed OK Dare I suggest you have Server unchecked and then option in the installer asking if I want Server as well.
  • Checked by default is intentional. It is better to print over server then host so it is our default.
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