Plugin for Home Automation

I have an overhead light mounted on my printer table.  Occasionally I want to show someone a project I'm printing when I'm away.  I can view the camera on my phone, however if it's dark I need to turn on the lights.  I have a Wink home automation system, and can use the Wink App to turn on the light.  I think it would be cool if there was a button on the Server Home page to turn on lights.   Maybe a simple button that runs a script.  I can write the script to turn on and off the lights.  Or a connection to IFTTT, then it would work with any Smart Home system.  Just a thought.


  • No problem. You can add global or per printer menu entries that call a script, see advanced setup in our manual. The forum also contains some threads around the permission problem since scripts are started with the user running the server, so it must work for that user or sudo must be allowed for that user/app combo without password query like in the shutdown example.
  • I have a follow up question regarding this topic...  I built the scripts to turn the lights on and off, and it works fine from the main screen ("Gear" menu).  I would like to configure it so the "Lights ON" script runs when a print job starts, and the "Lights Off" script runs when the job completes.  Is there a way to do that?  
  • In printer config there are event dependent gcodes. If you can do it with gcode just add the gcode to the start/stop/abort codes. If it is a external command add a @execute command and include it in extcommands.xml as command. See advanced setup in use rmanual.
  • I am also having an issue with the printing configuration and the thing is that I am also getting Epson printer error code e-01 while doing the configuration and connection through wireless.
  • @jonsnow1221 Where in our software do you get an epson error code? And on which printer are you using the server. Just a bit confused about your message.

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