How to access Linux/Ubuntu dot-Folders and Files

Hi, how do I access the Linux (dot) .Folders and Files?

I am trying to use Slic3r as the slicer, but cannot navigate to the .Slic3r.ini file within the /home/user-name/.config Folder.

Same for trying to open files if they were saved to a dot-Folder.

I can't find a setting within Slic3r to make it use a non-dot Folder.



  • In command console you can see dot files with
    ls -a
    and simply cd into it. For file browsers there is a solution that differs between browsers. Somewhere there is normally a option to also show hidden files. Google should help here if you name your browser.

    In host you can go to slicer manager and explicitly set the slic3r folder to use. Host will then add the option for different storage directory,
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    Thanks, but that's the problem.

    Host wants the Install Folder/Path to Slic3r and I can do that. But it also wants the config file for Slic3r and as mentioned above, Slic3r puts that in /home/user-name/.config Host has no way of showing any "dot" Files or Folders that I can find.

    The File dialogs seem to be totally windows-oriented. On that subject, Host makes it very difficult to navigate to a USB drive (block-device) in Linux.

    p.s. Not a newbie with Linux, very comfortable at the CLI with "ls" et al.

  • Left from the browse button in slicer manager you can simply copy the path if you know it. No need to browse. Or select a path that has no dots and start slic3r from host and it will create a new config directory.

    The file dialogs come from mono/.net directly and are not our dialogs. Under windows it just calls the normal windows file dialog. But also there is the problem with hidden files. Only if explorer was enabled to show them you can browse to them.
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