Repetier host stops working after some test movements

I am working with Repetier Host 1.0.6 in Windows 8 in a delta printer.

The Arduino Mega I was using recently stopped working and I had to change it. I forgot to save the eeprom settings so I lost them. 

While I was trying to make some tests to reset the values RepetierHost stopped working. I could make some movements before the printer stopped responding. Then several commands were queued and if I manually send a code (to check endstops status for example) it gets queued. At some point, some seconds after that, if I try to send another command or make any movement the program stops responding and eventually gets closed. This situations gets repeated every time.

Did anyone got the same problem? Have you found a solution?

Thanks in advance :)


  • For what I've read this has been a common problem with delta printers in previous versions of repetier host. 
    I am having this problem in manual control, even without making any movement. I just plug everything and it seems to be right. I can home it, I can perform some test movements and then, at some point, it will hang.
    If I don't do anything else than homing it it will hang in a couple of minutes or so. When I try to make any movement it will be queued.

    I have reinstalled the host (v 1.0.6) and reloaded the firmware into the arduino board.

    Any ideas?
  • no, but once in a while i got the same problem, 

    using marlin, arduino mega, 
  • With marlin you have a problem if you missed a "ok" in response to a move. This is normally a communication error which happens from time to time. Then it can happen that the buffers seem to be full (ok would have deleted them but we didn't see it). So you need  to hit "ok" in manual tab to continue (easy mode off). That would fake a missed "ok" so communication goes on as before.

    New host 1.5.5 has a communication timeout so it will now also fake the ok after a timeout if no slow commands are enqueued. This is the better solution since it needs no human interaction. Even better is of course having stable communication.
  • Terrific, let me test this, will back with testing results... 

  • On Repetier 1.5.5 Still happen,
    Now i do press the "OK" button and it continues to print, but still there. let me test the 1.5.6.
    ill back to you.

  • How long did you wait before hitting ok? In printer settings you have a timeout defined. Only after that time is passed it will continue automatically. Since we can not fix transmission errors in software we will still miss the "ok" somehow and that will lead to a stop. If you have disabled ping pong this will need 3-4 missed ok to get a pause, so somehow better.
  • ok let me check this, i will try to replicate, and catch the time, and/or setting for the timeout.
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