Is there a way to add a text file to the server?

The title sounds odd but bear with me. We have a lot of printers and a lot of people working on them. Is there a way that if I see something wrong with a printer, I can turn it off and leave notes in Repetier-Server as to what is wrong, so that the next person can come along and see the issue, and fix it if they have time. My current thought is to upload a G-Code file that is just text written, but then the user would have to open the G-code for fixing the printer, which is a little roundabout. It'd be nice if you could also see these notes from the dashboard.

Follow-up question, is there a way to set the color of the print icon on the dashboard? For instance, if the printer is on and idle, you can set it to Green, on and running, blue, off, red, and if it is on but someone notes a problem, it can be changed to yellow. That way, we can quickly look and see how all the printers are going. 

Follow-up follow-up question, is there a limit to the number of printers on a server? 


  • No you can not add a text file in the way you want. One solution if printer is still connected would be sending
    @message Some comment
    Which shows the message in the top nav bar as message (like print finished). Stays until server restart but users would need to check it everytime.

    Apart the 4 colors for printer state we already have no more colors are possible. But in dashboard and top menu you see directly which one is printing from the progress bar.

    Number of printers in not limited on software side. But each printer dass extra communication to your system, especially if you also have a webcam per printer. So at one point that will be a limit. Also communication with printers take time, but not very much. Each printer runs in it's own thread so no influence between printers from this, just lightly increased cpu usage.

    Only drawback with more printers is that for a reboot (whyever) you need to stop more printers. Mainly a problem on windows since you can not prevent windows from updating and rebooting the system, so this would happen from time to time.
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