Repetier Server on windows 10 stop automatic


I have installed Repetier Server on a windows 10 notebook. If I start the server so its working for 20 seconds afterwards the server cannot be connected anymore. The service is stoped . If I restart the service its working for 20 seconds and afterwarts the same problem. I have tested to disactivate the firewall and also the antivirus but nothing has resolved the problem. Has you some ideas what I can do to make the server running?

Thank you


  • Please have a look at
    if it contains any hints and show where it stops. Maybe then it gets clear what might prevent startup.
  • Hi Repetier,

    thank you for the answer but nothing that looks strange:
    The log from today:
    2017-10-07 17:37:04: Start logging...
    2017-10-07 17:37:05: Webdirectory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Repetier-Server\www\
    2017-10-07 17:37:05: Storage directory: C:\ProgramData\Repetier-Server\
    2017-10-07 17:37:05: Configuration file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Repetier-Server\bin\RepetierServer.xml
    2017-10-07 17:37:05: Directory for temporary files: C:\Windows\Temp\
    2017-10-07 17:37:05: Reading firmware data ...
    2017-10-07 17:37:05: Starting Network ...
    2017-10-07 17:37:05: Active features:0
    2017-10-07 17:37:05: Reading printer configurations ...
    2017-10-07 17:37:05: Starting printer threads ...
    2017-10-07 17:37:05: Starting work dispatcher subsystem ...
    2017-10-07 17:37:05: Starting user database ...
    2017-10-07 17:37:05: Initalizing LUA ...
    2017-10-07 17:37:05: Register LUA cloud services
    2017-10-07 17:37:05: add Repetier-Renderer
    2017-10-07 17:37:05: LUA initalization finished.
    2017-10-07 17:37:05: Starting web server ...
    2017-10-07 17:37:05: Work dispatcher thread started.
    2017-10-07 17:37:05: Prevent sleep thread started.
    2017-10-07 17:37:05: Webserver started.

    Thank You

  • And this you should get on shutdown:

    Webserver started.
    Connection reset by peer
    Connection reset by peer
    Shutting down web server.
    Closing server
    Stopping work dispatcher.
    Work dispatcher thread stopped.
    Waiting for all threads to finish ...
    Worker threads finsihed.
    Stopping printer threads.
    Closed virtual port VirtualCartesian
    Printer thread for Felix stopped
    Closed virtual port VirtualCartesian
    Printer thread for Smoothieware stopped
    Closing user database.
    Server is now down.
    Program ended with exit code: 0

    So if that is all you get it crashes. I see you have no printers configured yet, so sinc eit normally works on W10 I would after it is shut down delete
    So it has to recreate everything.

    One other problem is that port 3344 might be already in use by a different software preventing webserver to work, but would hope to see a message about that. Maybe your windows event log has some more informations.

    You can use a different port. In C:\ProgramData\Repetier-Server\database
    create a RepetierServer.xml file with this content

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

    where you select a different port and restart. Then check if it runs longer.
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