Script not fully functioning

Trying to calibrate a delta printer and assigned these values to scripts 1-4.  The printer will perform the g28 but will not perform the other components of each script.

    A                      g28 g0 f8000 x-77.94 y-45 z0
    B                      g28 g0 f8000 x77.94 y-45 z0
    C                      g28 g0 f8000 x0 y90 z0
    D                      g28 g0 f8000 x0 y0 z0

It just homes and then sits.  No other movement.  If I enter g-code G1 z0, it will move to print bed.  What would prevent this from moving to z0 in the script?


  • Well, I figured out that if you write the script on separate lines it works fine.  Like this:
    g0 f8000 x-77.94 y-45 z0

    Each script written this way works fine
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