unable to print skirt

hey guys, thought this would be an easy question, couldn't find in search (sorry).
Using cura, i've adjusted different values (min/max  and changed distances too), still will not print. 

I switched from Slcr (easy to adjust skirt).

Thanks for any help


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    Are you using the curaengine in RH? The skirt settings are under the Slicer Tab - Configuration - Print Tab (on left) - Structures (with curaengine selected as the slicer). Then under the Slicer tab on the right you need to change the adhesion type when setting up print.
  • Yes. In RH, I go into Config... under "Skirt and Brim" I adjust my settings as normal. But, under "Adhesion Type" there are only three options: None, Brim, and Raft.   

    Since I normally use a brim, that kinda sorta works as a skirt, but it can get messy so I really would like to solve this problem.
  • i hope that's not it, but i was able to get a skirt but only at the cost of not having a brim or raft.  that sucks.
  • As far as I know that's what you'll have to choose from, with CuraEngine in RH.

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