Unable to set home on Marlin

I've build my first 3d printer but I have a few problems. I've installed 3 simple NO endstops, and I've wired them connecting on my ramps 1.4 between signal and negative. But when I open Repetier and I click on home button on any axis they go to the opossite directions where the endstops are. Also I have set the dimensions of the bed and when I click home the motors try to go further than the dimensions of the printer and I have to disconect the printer... and when I move manually the axis, although the endstops are pushed, they still move. I have try to set the home several times but I am not able to achive it.
Has someone any idea?
Thank you :D


  • If manual control of the axis is also reversed,
    You can change the direction the motor moves by turning the motors connector thru 180 on the ramps, (turn of power first before unplugging a motor).

    If manual control of the axis is correct, then you have your homing direction set wrong in the marlin firmware.

  • How I can know the correct cordenates of the home? Why are the endstops not working as they should?
  • M119 - check status of endstops L = open H = activated.
    If moving manually X+ or Y+ should be away from you, X - or Y - should be towards you.
    On a cartesian home is usually 0,0, towards you and to the left corner, On a delta 0,0 is usually the center of the build plate. If you plan on using autolevel, at least get the basic movements and home set correctly before you go into that.

    You can also search the forums for a little more info on what others have done here, there is quite a bit of info here.

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