Unable to Connect: Maker Select Plus / Windows 10

Hi All,

I've exhausted the help that google can provide and need some personalized assistance :) 

Printer:  Monoprice Maker Select Plus
OS: Windows 10
Error: Unable to connect to the printer on Com4 (this is the right com port)

I have not yet been able to connect my monoprice maker select plus to repetier host.  Here's what I've done:
  • Ensure that only HOST is running and that SERVER is stopped
  • Ensured that CURA is not connecting to my printer
  • Plugged printer in with USB - under print settings I see com4 appear and disappear when the printer is plugged/unplugged
  • Set baud rate to 115200 (have also tried stock baud rate - but the internet says this is the rate for my printer)
  • When I click "apply" my printer does reboot
  • Click "Connect" - get error
I've tried different USB cables / different ports with the same result.

What can I do?



  • what is the error?
    has printer connected to any other s/w?
  • Make sure transfer protocol is autodetect and also try 250000 baud.

    You could also connect with a normal serial terminal and send M115 to see if and what it responds. If you see garbage the baud rate is wrong.
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