Extruder cooling instead of heating

My extruder is cooling instead of heating. In the program it says that it is "Heating Extruder" but I am watching the temperature drop instead of rise. What am I doing wrong?

When I am getting it set up I can use the manual controls to move the extruder and heat it but it will not heat when I try to print.

Printrbot Metal Simple
Repetier-Host V2.0.5
Windows 7
USB connection


  • Also, I checked the G code and it should be heating up.
  • Host has only a heating message when waiting for target temperture. So this happens also for cooling.

    For the print the slicer adds or should add temperature commands based on your selected filament. In case of CuraEngine make sure you have generated a correct start slicer gcode. There is a button to create a default code that normally works well.
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