Paging on Gode pages does not work correctly - current page not remembered for each printer

I have a setup with 3 printers attached to Repetier Server.
If one of the the printers has a lot og GCode files, not all are shown on the page, but it is possible to go to page 2, 3, ...

So if I switch for example to page 2 to see the remaining files and then go to a different printer, it seems that the information that I am on "page 2" is copied also to this printer. As the other printer only has for example 10 uploaded GCode files I do not see any files for this printer, because the system does not maintain a 'current page' for each printer individually.
There are also no links to go to page 1 on this printer's GCode list.

So as a workaround I have to go back to the printer with the large GCode files list, switch back to page 1 and then I can see the GCode files for the other printers again.

There should be a page currency individually for each printer, not a global one. 


  • Thanks for the information. Never noticed this, but that would in deed be a wrong behaviour. Should always start at beginning when you switch. One temporary solution is also to just reload then you get also start position, until we publish next release.
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