Hi I use the repetier host several years without any problem until today. By my mistake I restored my printer to factory settings fortunately I have back from my EEPROM settings before, but I import the values by "firmware EEPROM cofing" and they aren't saved. do you have any ideas how to solve this?


  • You need to import values and then hit ok. Then changed values get saved. You should see the M206 commands being send in log if commands is enabled. Please verify if this is the case.

    If not - what firmware are you using as these are different implementations.
  • that is the problem. always i had to press ok and was just fine now when i press ok the window closes, i reopen the firmware configuration and still keep the previous values. i use marlin bugfix-1.1.8 with EEPROM enabled

  • For some reason I found when I was using Marlin FW, I had to close RH and reopen it to see the restored/changed parameters. The M20# commands scrolled in the log window and reflected the settings, checking the EEPROM config window verified the new #s.
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