cannot reach


got this message "cannot reach" permission denied on my raspberry.

after searching a lot , i found that SD Card was full (<24MB space available)

i took that Card to a Ubuntu Computer and deleted some Folders containing timelapse Images,

after that Server was running again as expected.


is there a possibility to prevent from filling SD-Card by timelapse to a defined value, what means to stop

recording when Limit is reached?

in my case issue is solved, that´s just a question ( may be i overlooked a Setting)



  • Timelapse pictures are only stored when at least 500MB are free. Also new prints require a minimum of free disk to start (in newer versions). But once some processes have started they finish and if they take more free disk then it can get tight, e.g. if you start converting the video we do not know how big it gets. Maybe we need more tests like this to be on the secure side. So always have a check on the free disk bar shown in dashboard and meanwhile we will see if we can add more tests.
  • ok, happened on 14h print with high Picture rate, just wanted to let you know.

    replaced the 16GB Card by a 32GB now so i´m more on the safe side

  • Just wondering what really happened. From snapshot logic it should have stopped making snapshots when 500MB are left. So if you had logging enabled that means 475MB of log added. Locally or system logs. Normally you have 10-20MB log per hour. Would be possible but hard to reach I guess. Anything else you did while printing? Guess no. If no and you say no log I must test if the free disk routine is working reliable, which is hard since my disk has 1TB free.
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    sorry, log was not enabled , setting was : picture every 0.1second , on a 14h print.
    so the folder was if i remember correct > 9GB.
    print finished correct , but no way to reboot the next day.

    so i think i have some bigger prints within the next 2 weeks. i´ll enable log and see if i can reproduce the error.
  • I think I have found the problem, if you can confirm this.
    1. I assume the print finished normally.
    2. At that point there were around 500MB free.
    3. After finishing it will convert the video and there is no check for enough space in conversion. Having so much picture I assume the converted file then was enough to fill the disk. No log required to do this. So I must add some math to check for enough memory before converting as this can add much disk usage as I see in your case. I personally only make one snapshot per layer so never got big mp4 files, but wishes are different:-)
  • Yes, just wanted to see if i can get something close to realtime Video , i know tht´s unusal.

    so for future i´ll do the realtime stuff on the Computer Standing beside my Printer.

    but thanks for investigate :-)

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